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MOD: Spoiler Rules

With Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince coming out July 16th I thought I'd better come up with a plan regarding spoilers and drabbles with spoilers in them.

Now, I myself have absolutely no desire what so ever to see, hear or read something that is remotely spoilerish. So this will take affect immediately and will be put on the info page when I get my arse in gear after letting everyone know what the new challenge for the Comm Unity challenge is.

The Rules regarding Spoilers:
No OT posts with Spoilers.
Now I know no one posts OT posts anyhow but i've had the misfortune of having someone on a mailing list put who died in OotP in the subject header so everyone could read it. If anyone does this they will be banned, no explanations needed or wanted.

No Drabbles with Spoilers
I have decided not to allow any spoilerish drabbles until August 1st and even then until either we do a poll to see if everyone has read it or we deem it's okay all spoilerish drabbles have to be under a lj-cut.

When spoiler drabbles are allowed along with the title in the subject you will need to clearly mark the drabble as SPOILERISH to let everyone else know.

I will ban people who don't follow the spoiler rules. I hope you don't think i'm being hard-arsed about this but this is really for the good of all the HP fans. This way no one gets unnecessarily spoiled and has their enjoyment of the book ruined.

Now I hate to be the horrid mod here but I'm going to be a stickler for these rules.

So please guys, follow the rules. I don't want to ban anyone. If you write Spoilerish drabbles just wait till August first to post them. Thanks!!

Again any questions, comments, worries let me (pinkyheather) know and I'll do my best to answer them.

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