Jessica K Malfoy (jessicakmalfoy) wrote in hermione100,
Jessica K Malfoy


Title: Power
Challenge: War
WC: 100
Pair: Hermione, Tom Riddle
Rating: PG13
A/N: x posted to hg_slyth100 & hermione100

No one would ever accuse Hermione of being a coward. After all, she had been sorted in Gryffindor over Ravenclaw. But the first time she came face to face with Tom Riddle, she was terrified.

“It can’t be you,” she whispered. “You’re dead.”

“Am I?” he smiled coldly, reaching out and tracing her jawline.

She knew in an instant why Ginny had easily succumbed to him. He was so perfect, so calm, so seductive, she couldn’t think. “Get away.”

“You may be a Mudblood, but you’re the most powerful witch of the age. I need you to win this war.”
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